windows and specialty siding

Lindsay Windows


Not just the average conglomerate window manufacturer, Lindsay is family owned and  local.  They produce a high quality, innovative product, give old-fashioned personalized service, and care about each and every window they produce.  Located in Lakewood, customers are able to arrange for a showroom and plant tour.   Just as important as the window itself, is how it is installed.  No shortcuts are taken because improper installation of a good window makes it a mediocre window in performance.

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Antico Elements


An amazing array of faux stone and brick that can be used for the exterior, or for interior decor, including fireplace surrounds.  Realistic in look, Antico Elements installations do not require a stone mason, thus are easier on the pocketbook.  We love redesigning exteriors with this specialty siding!

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Western Red Cedar Siding


Almost last on our list, but certainly not last of your choices.  Cedar, almost considered a specialty siding now, from the Northwest is naturally moisture and pest resistant and is still the choice of discriminating homeowners.  We source only the best product for your home.  ,

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Resysta Decking, Siding, Wall Cladding


Made out of a mixture of rice husks, common salt and mineral oil, Resysta, a specialty siding, contains no wood at all; instead, it makes use of an abundant by-product of rice farming.  Thus, producing the material doesn’t contribute to deforestation. This makes RESYSTA very sustainable and it qualifies for LEED certification.  This specialty siding is the perfect choice for a modern exterior.

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