Testimonials from those We Have had the opportunity to serve!

LP Siding Replacement

 "My wife and I would like to take this time to express our deep appreciation for a job well done.  When we started this project, we were unsure of just what to expect, how long it would take, and if it would be worth the price.  It is no small task to tear off failing LP siding, to sheet a house that had none, then to install siding with the owners peeking over your shoulder.  The crew did all this with great professionalism and it was a pleasure to have them work on our house .  It is a pleasure to invite anyone who has need of siding replacement to call on John Ramsdell.  

Richard and Betty L., Bremerton

Failing HardiePlank Siding

In 2006 we completely remodeled our house and had a 2nd floor added.  Our builder said HardiePlank was the best exterior so that's what we used.  After a couple years, mold spots started to appear on the south side and the upstairs window leaked slightly during rain when it was windy.  [In 2013] John's siding crew somehow disconnected the upper deck from the house and supported it in place while they removed the old HardiePlank and white trim board.  It was all replaced with Everlast and white [Azek] trimboard.  The upper deck was reattached to the house and everything around the house was cleaned up.  I would be happy to hire him again.  

Rick M., Manette

Window Replacement

Our family wishes to express our thanks for the wonderful job you did installing our new windows.  We are pleased with the weather protection they offer.  Our previous windows were 32 year old metal windows and had lost their seals.  When the wind blew, air came through the windows like a fan blowing on low.  Let's just say there is now a marked improvement in our utility bill.  It is not just the windows we are happy with.  We were very impressed with the work crew and the job they did.  They were clean, efficient, and informative.  The disruption to our household was minimal.  The guys did an excellent job of keeping the dirt inside to a minimum, even though it rained the whole 3 days they were on site.  We were also happy with their commitment to finishing the job in the projected time frame.  In a day when the customer has to be so very careful about whom they are contracting to work on their home, we highly recommend John Ramsdell.  

Melissa, Will, Hannah, Lydia, and Liam J., Poulsbo

The Salesman Who Showed Up

Being in sales myself, I know the importance of educating a potential client about my product, explaining what my company will do to complete the job, offering value and then following up.  I was amazed at how uninformed the "salesmen" were who came.  Some never showed or called.  One insisted I meet with him early and then didn't show.  When I called him he said he was there earlier and had measured the building and did not need to see me.  He said he would call me in 10 days to make an appointment for me to come to his office for the bid.  I never heard from him.  One company emailed a bid.  When I called their office to say I never met with anyone from their company and who was the salesman, the girl said I could deal with her in the office,  One salesman came 15 minutes late, announced it was raining and he needed some lunch.  He asked if I would reschedule.  Since I do not live on site, I explained that I had reserved that time for him but that I did have another appointment in an hour and he could come back then.  He never came back or called.  Those who did make bids were not too informative and it was obvious they planned to cut corners.  One salesman measured, made phone calls, and calculated for an hour.  Then he said he had to make a copy of his proposal form and disappeared for an hour and a half, leaving all his binders and briefcase in my empty apartment.  When he returned, he wrote one sentence for the bid.  When I asked about the items he promised, he said it was okay not to write them down since we had talked about it.  By the time I met John, I was ready to clobber all siding people.  He was a breath of fresh air.  I have a beautiful building, happy tenants, a happy neighborhood, and most of all, his price was a value.   Thank you for the superb work you did in residing my 3-story triplex in Seattle.  Everyone was very professional and the workmanship was outstanding.  Once the project was begun, the crew moved quickly and each day left the premises clean and accident- free.  I would highly recommend your company.  

Bonnie C., Seattle

New, Quieter Windows

Your installers were better than great, they were outstanding.  I've contracted and sub-contracted  a lot of work on many houses over the years, and your guys beat them all.  Your installers treated my home like it was their own.  Tonight my home is snug as a bug and

there isn't a scrap of wood, a shred of insulation, or a strayed nail to show for it.  

P.S. I'm under the flight path of Seattle Airport.  First thing I noticed is that my volume control on the TV set gets a lot less use now.  Forget the energy savings, I always hated all that racket, and now I don't have to live with it. 

Charles & Debbie L., Federal Way  



Knowledgeable Contractor

By far and away the most knowledgeable contractor was John Ramsdell.  John explained to me the options that I had and why it was in my best interests to do the job right [tear of the old LP Siding].  

.  While this added some additional cost, it is by the far right way to do the job.  The crew that worked on my home was truly professional in every aspect of the word.  They literally paid attention to every little detail.  I highly recommend John Ramsdell to anyone needing to have their home resided. I don't believe you will find a more competent, professional company to do your siding.

Robert R., Tacoma  

More testimonials

Customer Service

Thank you very much for your excellent service when you gave us the estimate on the residing of our home.  No pressure or pushing was encountered from you in any way.  It was all businesslike in every way, just like your entire company.  I do highly recommend you to anyone needing a home resided.

Michael & Kay P., Bremerton

So Glad You Never Got Our Message to Cancel Our Appointment

Words cannot express how thankful we are that you did not get our message that we wanted to cancel the appointment we made to meet with you and talk about your siding products.  After meeting with several different siding companies: Sears, Home Depot, Factory Direct, and two other companies, the only thing that seemed to differ in what they offered was the price.  Before going into this endeavor we always imagined that the contractors would take off our existing siding before putting on the new siding, especially since our old cedar shake siding was practically coming off the walls by itself.  Every company wanted to side over the old siding, which we came to believe to be the best practice, since everyone recommended that.  John showed up unexpectedly and we did not have the heart to turn him away, so we decided to hear his presentation.  Right away he mentioned the fact that he would be tearing off the old siding. We could not help but to think there was some kind of divine intervention.  We were very impressed with your products, your knowledge, and pricing, that we chose to hire you to do our exterior remodel.  We would have never known those areas of rot existed unless the old siding was removed. Thank you so much for being persistent and coming to our home and giving us a beautiful new home.  

Talley & Andy S., Tacoma  

Customer Service

Thank you for all that you have done personally to help in our home struggles.  Also thank you to your office staff, who were wonderful to work with.  They were helpful in obtaining financing and were always there for us to answer any questions or concerns that arose during the residing of our home.  Your office is very personable, patient, and have been a pleasure to work with.  Our T111 and HardiePlank siding had been improperly installed by the builder and was failing miserably.  Luckily, we found John Ramsdell at the Seattle Home Show.  We are so grateful to John, his installers and his office staff for all their help, encouragement and for restoring our faith as consumers that there are still honest, hardworking people out there who genuinely care.  

The G's., Port Orchard

Our Installations

A comment about your team,.  They were commendable.  They were fantastic.  They we here at 8:00AM sharp ready for a day's job without regard of wind, rain, and even snow.  You don't find the caliber of pride, honesty, and integrity in the building industry anymore.  This is evident in the construction flaws we have found, and they repaired in my home.  Your team did quality work, not simply working around the builder's mistakes, but fixing them.  They worked in miserable weather, set a schedule for us, and met it despite the unexpected setbacks.  They cleaned up the yard, leaving us with what appears to be a new home.  

Jeff H., Lacey

Expectations Exceeded

It is rare for me to write a letter after I buy something because I expect the product to be good and deliver what it is supposed to.  This time I have to let you know how pleased I am with the job you all did on my house.  I expected it to look good, but it actually looks like a different house.  I would recommend your company to anyone considering siding for their home.

Nancy G., 

Your Attention to Detail

Your attention to detail, knowledge and experience were no less than stellar!  The pride and professionalism you displayed everyday while working on our project is what impressed us the most.  The end result is, by far, more than what we had imagined!  From the bottom of both our hearts, THANK YOU!  Outstanding job!

Erin & Tony E.,  Gig Harbor