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Customer Question #1


What is the best siding for my home? 

Answer:  There may not be one "best" siding for every home, which is why we have a variety of products to fit various styles of homes and homeowner pocketbooks.  All our siding products are geared to maximum warranties and weatherproofing for your home.   

Customer Question #2


Does my old siding need to be taken off?

Answer:  Yes!  Industry standard "back in the day" called for siding over old cedar siding.  Today we know that there are too many issues with mold and wood rot, so we always replace old siding to prevent future problems.   In this instance, there is no sheeting under the siding.  

Customer Question #3


What's the best maintenance free decking material?

Answer:  By far, PVC polymer decking products such as TimberTech Azek and Zuri are the most beautiful and best performing for decks in the Northwest.  

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Customer Question #4

Why hire your company over others?

Answer:  The short answer would be:  check out our Testimonial Pages.  Our mission is to discover the problems at your home, to honestly present what we think are the best solutions, and to provide the outstanding installations and customer service.  

Customer Question #5

Do I have to replace ALL my windows (or siding)?

Answer:  NO!  Some companies will require a full replacement or they won't bother.  We will gladly replace 3 or 4 windows (1 or 2 large picture windows or add a bay window) or even 1 or 2 walls of siding, if that is all that is needed, or all that your budget allows for at the time.  If it helps with your financial planning, we will plan your renovation to be done in increments.  

Customer Question #6

How do you determine if (and where) I have water intrusion?

Answer:  We use Flir infrared thermal imaging cameras to detect water leaks and moisture inside the walls.   This helps us to pinpoint areas we may need to address for wood rot and give you the assurance that future problems are likely avoided.    

Customer Question #7

My deck structure is fine, can you replace just the deck boards with something that will last longer than wood that I don't have to stain so often?

Answer:  Of course.  We don't believe in doing more work or spending more of your dollars than necessary.   That being said, spending a little more for the new composite decking products will save you all the future maintenance and will probably last longer than you will be in your home.  

Customer Question #8

What's the best window product?

Answer:  There probably is no "best" window.  There are so many types of windows available:  wood, wood clad, aluminum, steel, composite, and of course, vinyl.  The most cost effective window is a high quality, energy-efficient vinyl window.  Wood and wood clad windows are great, but costly and do require maintenance, needing to be replaced after a time.  Aluminum transmits a lot of heat and cold.  Steel windows, again, a great choice, but are very costly.  Composites can be a good choice, but at a much higher cost.  Our vinyl windows are high quality and are available with all the bells and whistles, if desired, or come in a more basic profile.  But whichever you choose, they are all high quality, energy-efficient windows.

Customer Question #9

Do you do additions or other exterior work?

Answer:  YES!  We do additions, outbuildings and garages.  Patio covers.  Patios, pavers, just about anything except landscaping.  If you have other plans for your home, ask us.  We have partner referrals that may be able to help with your projects and save you the hassle of research and looking around for a contractor.  

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How much is that a square foot?

Answer:  This may seem like a simple question, but it is not.  Most home improvements, including ours, are not priced per square foot.  There is an element of material price per square foot that is used partially to determine the end price, but there are many factors that go into the price determination.  Access to the area being improved.  When the project will take place (there are continual price increases in shipping and materials).  How extensive are the repairs needed underneath areas to be renovated?  Options for trim.   Is the home an easy design to work on, or is it a complicated, cut up design?  Is it 1, 2, or 3 stories?  Is the house sheeted and wrapped, or not?  What type of sheeting will we use?  What type of wrap will we use?  Is there insulation, or insulation that needs replacing?   If we are replacing siding, there are various trim options.   All work we do is priced specifically for each individual homeowner.  The house down the street may be exactly the same, but the price could vary because one house needs more extensive repair work, and they have chosen different trim than yours.   There are so many variables that there is no "price per square foot". 

Can you give me a "ballpark price"?

Answer:  Again, this may seem like a simple to answer question, but it is not.  "Ballpark" quotes are dangerous at best.  If we throw out a low number and your actual quote comes in higher, maybe even a lot higher, you are apt to be upset with us because we "ballparked" it much lower.  On the other hand, if we throw out a high number just to cover our bases, you will probably want to look elsewhere.   We realize that there are homeowners who have never contracted for improvements on a home who may have no idea whatsoever what they may be looking at for price.  We once encountered just that question at a home show where the potential customer said "I don't know if I'm looking at $2,000 or $20,000".  And that is a very fair question.  So our recommendation in that case would be to give us your contact information and with a quick phone call to you to get a little more information, we may be able to phone you an idea of what you could be looking at, which is impossible to give out at a home show.  Please realize, also, that home shows are for the purpose of seeing products and having questions about those products answered.  Our trade show representatives are highly versed to help you, but do not do bidding of projects.  For pricing of your project and more technical details, we recommend signing up for a free evaluation of your home where you will receive an exact bid.  

Do you sell names you receive at home shows?

Answer:  Absolutely not!  The information you provide to us, whether it is at a home show, or online, is strictly for our company use.  Our interest is the same as your interest.  We want to help you solve your home's exterior problems.  At times, we know circumstances do change, and you may intend to have something done when you attend the home show, then weeks later plans will change, making it necessary to delay your project.  We do our best to keep track of when you would like us to revisit your request and to call you at that time.  It's human nature to put things off, we know, so we think it's just a lot more convenient for you to hear from us than for you to have to keep track of us and make that call.  When you see a number you don't recognize showing up on your caller ID, it could be us following up on your original inquiry.  

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