About Us


Meet our General Manager

John Ramsdell comes to us after 25 years in the home improvement business, 20 of which he owned his own business.  Eager to continue helping customers with their exterior home problems but not wishing to continue with the administration of a business, he is now with All Weather Exterior Solutions llc doing what he is passionate about:  connecting with homeowners, providing solutions to their homes' problems, and making homes beautiful in the best way possible.  John specializes in water detection and water intrusion problems.  Literally nobody knows more about siding and siding replacement than John.  


Our Owner

Kevin Dolson, who also owns Dolson Construction, is owner of AWESllc.  Kevin is a General Contractor specializing in custom building, additions, repairs, and  remodels, relying  on All Weather Exterior Solutions and John to accomplish exterior improvements.  A General Contractor for over a decade, Kevin's business is built on excellent customer service and referrals.  

Siding Installer, Chandler Cauldwell

Chandler Cauldwell, CRC Exteriors

We pride ourselves in the quality of our installations.  Not just anyone is capable of a quality installation of the specialty products we offer.  Chandler has been a loyal siding installer for John for a good 17 years, with decades of experience under his belt.  His attention to detail is unmatchable.  He loves a challenge!  

About Us


L & M Siding

Lou Schumacher is a master at his craft,  installing siding and windows  for most of his long career.  We take pride in having Lou to do your projects because you have the assurance they're going to be done right!  We've known Lou for more years than we can count.  



Our original siding installer, Pete Butler and his grandsons

a tribute to pete

Pete Butler, Harbor Homes, Gig Harbor, WA

This website would not be complete without a tribute to Pete, because this company nor 2 others would not have existed if not for the influence of "the master" of siding installation, Pete Butler.  In the photo above, you will see him on a siding replacement job site in 2006  with his 2 grandsons.  Pete was loved by all and most of the time there was a waiting list of people who were willing to delay their projects so Pete could have his hand at their home.  When we flip through the literally hundreds of testimonial letters, a good many of them are because of Pete's expertise and sheer love of his craft.  Specialty sidings that we offer require a more technical and intricate approach to siding installation.  Pete was indeed "The Master".